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We get it! Show day, clinic day or "just whatever the reason for travel" day can be stressful!  And we hope to make it simple and easy for you.  Horses load easily and quickly in our trailer that is open and airy, clean and sterilized.  We're there for you and your team, whether that be a show barn crew or the team of you and your horse. We make shipping the least stressful part of the move.

Give us a call or text at 905.719.4468

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Dedicated horse transportation throughout Southern Ontario for both chartered and emergency needs.

Excellent Equipment

Trucks include 2019 Dodge Ram 3500, 2021 Dodge Ram 5500.  Trailers include a 4 horse head to tail convertible to box stall trailers & 30ft useable deck space flat bed beavertail trailer.

Qualified Haulers

Before starting Equine Express, we've been hauling heavy machinery since 2001.  Our drivers are experienced in all types of hauling and driving conditions.  

Competitive Pricing

We understand there are a lot of options out there but remember, there are only a few licensed and properly insured companies for hauling horses for others.  If we are unable to assist you due to scheduling conflicts, we will refer you to another reputable company.

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call or text:  905.719.4468

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